Who We Serve

  • We serve persons with developmental disabilities from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • We serve individuals with different medical diagnoses such as Developmental Challenge with Down Syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, Learning Disabilities and more
  • We serve physical and motor disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Neurological Disorders, Congenital Deformities, Spinal Cord Injury and more.
  • We serve individuals with dual diagnoses as long as one is a Developmental Challenge

What is Structured Teaching?

“Structured Teaching” is a system for organizing environments, developing appropriate activities, helping persons with developmental disabilities understand what is expected.

“Structured Teaching” utilizes visual cues which help persons with developmental disabilities focus on the relevant information.

“Structured Teaching” might be involved in a variety of activities from prevocational to vocational(work skills), independent works, self help skills etc. These reflect on its patterns and procedures.

“Structured Teaching” is a Behavior Management System. Trainees can understand WHERE to be, WHAT to see, WHAT to think, WHAT to do and HOW to do by following a pattern of actions in order to promote the trainees as independent as possible.

Services Visions

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Current Programs

Personal Growth Enhancement Program

1.5 hour/session

This is a holistic goal-directed one-on-one training program which promotes skills on attention, conceptual/memory, adaptive daily living skills, communication and language, social relationship, motor developments, fine motor and handwriting, sensory and problem solving etc. The programs are structured, holistic and integrative with all learning components. Behavior modification will be applied for those in need and support them to a positive behavior. A comprehensive skill building curriculum is designed to meet each needs.

Hand Power Control

1.5 hour/ session

Fine motor skill is the ability to coordinate the small muscles of the hand. This program helps trainees develop and coordinate their fine motor skills bilaterally through various exercises and tasks. The skills development can promote the trainees on dressing, eating, handwriting and other personal hygiene activities etc.

After-school Program

2 hour/session

This program provides tutorials on basic Maths, English/Journal Writing, Communication and Language Development, Art and Craft, Music and more. It helps the trainees adapt and learn how to master the skills with the concept of structured teaching.

March Break delights & Summertime fun Programs

This is a weekly program which is carried out during the March Break and summer time in July and August. With the adoption of Structured Teaching, the trainees will learn how to social interact with friends appropriately, social games skills, music and dance as well as cooperative projects and outings etc. They learn through fun.

Weekend Social Club 

This program promotes simple cooking, preparing cooking ingredients, learning kitchen facilities, knowledge on food and groceries, safety and precaution, cooperative projects, art and craft and outdoor activities etc. Through fun, the trainees learn life skills and enhance their independent living.

Daily Living Enrichment Program for Adults over 21

This is a holistic goal-directed and structured program with a comprehensive skill-building curriculum designed for the adult trainees over 21. In a structured teaching environment, a trainee will learn daily living skills that enrich their independent living and be included into the community. The trainees will have the opportunity to practice the learning skills in our Group Living Adaptation which is organized once a year. It also serves as a transitional program for our trainees to adapt a group living in the future.