CHIS provides quality programs by adopting the concept of Structured Teaching in the training components. This is built with harmony, safe, joy and an inspiration of learning. Each trainee is unique, dignified and be respectful. All programs are personal-goal designed, structured and innovative as well as community inclusive.


We Believe

  • We believe all persons can learn.
  • We value each trainee’s unique ability, individuality, learning style and pace of learning.
  • We believe that the growth, the development and the learning of each trainee is enhanced in the most enabling environment.
  • We believe that the inclusion of our trainees in the community provides a valuable learning experience for all persons.
  • We deliver programs which incorporate realistic goals, objectives, teaching and evaluation methods.
  • We respect the rights of parents to make informed decisions in the best interests of their children.
  • We respect, value and encourage collaborative partnerships with parents, community agencies and professionals.
  • We foster parent, trainees and staff collaboration through centre-based planning and management with centralized support and direction.
  • We provide a diversity of placements and resources for trainees which reflect effective programs and strategies.
  • We recognize the wealth of learning opportunities in the community to assist trainees with transitions, offer work experiences and allow them to pursue special abilities or talents.
  • We value early identification and intervention for all trainees experiencing difficulties in school and/or needing enrichment.