Fundraising Events

Cherish Integrated Services is a registered non profit community organization located in Markham, Ontario. About 20% of our financial revenue relies on community fundraising donations. The rest will be sustained by the trainees’ program fees. All revenue will be used for program promotions, quality staff recruitment, facilities improvement and service advocacy. We welcome more third party fundraisers to support all our service visions.


Alan Ho Charity Roadshow


• Cherish Love Gala 2017

Alan Ho Charity Roadshow


Cherish Love Gala 2016


Solomon Fellowship 8th Thanksgiving Dinner


Gala for Giving Markham 2015


Markham Mayor’s Chinese New Year Dinner Appreciation Ceremony

Solomon Fellowship 6th Thanksgiving Dinner

• Gala for Giving Markham Fundraiser 2014


Gala for Giving Markham Fundraiser 2013 Appreciation Day on June 22, 2013

Gala for Giving Markham Fundraiser 2013 on April 25, 2013 at Crystal Fountain
Proceed Amount: $75,000


Cherish the Love Inspirational Drama organized by Circle-R Performing Arts Studio on
June 29,2012 at Markham Theatre
Highlights: this is a third-party fundraising event for Cherish Integrated Services. Some trainees were invited to
participate in the drama. Beneficiary fundraised amount: $3,000

Love Gala 2012 Appreciation Night on April 25, 2012 at Cherish Integrated Services Centre

Love Gala 2012 on March 3, 2012at Shangrilia Banquet Hall
Proceed Amount: $50,000


Charity Moon Cake Sales in August to September, 2011 supported by International Hundred Trades Club
Proceed Amount: $4,000

You Are Special Fundraising Gala 2011 on March 25, 2011 at Crown Prince Fine Dining & Banquet
Proceed Amount: $26,000